Dear Beloved One,

Allow me to remind you this day of the truth of who you are.

For I know that it is easy to forget that truth in the density of human form and the world in which you have chosen to walk your journey of mastery.

Yes, this is the journey of your choosing.

This is the path of your Soul, chosen long before you came into physical form.

It is easy to forget that you are, in essence, a divine spark of the Creator, born from the heart-womb of the All That Is.

You were sent forth into this existence with the same divine blueprint as the Mother-Father God which birthed you.

You are the Divine Child, with your divine blueprint fully available and accessible to you.

Remember this truth.

Release whatever story does not support your full remembrance.

Decide to embody your full magnificent self.

With each breath and every step choose to reclaim your true divine nature.

Begin to walk in this world as the divinity that you are.

Claim your birthright and live it through your physical form.

This is truly how to bring Spirit into matter in order to create Heaven on Earth.

This is the alchemical process of your Sacred Heart.

All love,

Your Sacred Heart