Dear Beloved One,

You are so much more than you know yourself to be.  Stop letting the circumstances and appearances of your life limit how you show up and express in the world.

You are magnificence.  You are beauty.

You are the most beloved expression of the Creator.

Beyond all of you doubt, your anxiety, your perceived flaws, your wounded inner child, your self-hatred, sabotage and loathing…..

beyond all of that, and even within all of that, is the most beautiful, magnificent, bright and expansive being that you could ever imagine.

Take this message deep into your heart, even if you can’t quite wrap your head around it or fully grasp it’s meaning.  Just let it take root, simmer, percolate, grow.

Just play with the possibility that it is truth….

your truth….

and let that be enough for now.

Let you be enough for now.

For you are enough….

And you are so much more….

now and forever.

All love,

Your Sacred Heart