“But, as cries are absorbed into the silence, as the sun always rises just when the night seems like it will never end, as the sky holds everything flying and everything falling, there is something indestructible at the center of each of us; though the pain of being transformed and rearranged while still alive often feels unbearable.”  Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

How’s it going for you?  Are you feeling like you are being transformed and rearranged? Are you feeling like the world, or your world,  is falling apart?  Like it or not, ready or not, it’s happening all around us and all through us.

I was at a healing circle recently where name after name of someone dealing with a diagnosis of cancer, loss of a loved one, serious accident, job loss, sick child or parent, bankruptcy, all manner of transformation and rearrangement, were prayed into the circle.

In this time of powerful energetic shifting, where cosmic events come in waves and the influx of photon light onto the planet is greater than ever before measured, we are all feeling the effects in one way or another. As all of the energies conspire to bring what has been hidden in the shadows to the surface to be exposed and healed, we are all feeling the squeeze.

It is happening on the personal level as well as a societal and global level.  Long established institutions and systems are crumbling and the earth is experiencing weather events, wild fires, and rumbling at her core.  We’ve been experiencing that here in America around the Presidential elections.  Questions, confusion and fear abound.  No one can escape the process of change and transformation that is happening across the globe.

Like a closet filled with clothing we no longer wear or a file filed with useless data, we are filled with old patterns, programs, ways of being or doing that no longer serve us.  As hard as it seems, we’ve got to make room for something new to come to us.  We can only move into the higher vibrational frequencies that are available to us now if we clear out the heavy, dense energies of our old stories and emotional imprints.

Those who are aware of the changes that are upon us can do this more consciously and with a sense that there is a greater plan in play here.  Those who are not aware of the higher spiritual reality at play here may feel tossed around by the energies, thinking that we’re all going to the proverbial “hell in a handbasket.”

And Mark Nepo writes, “…there has always been a gift waiting once the ache and fear and grief have settled.”

I believe there is a great gift awaiting all of us. I believe that a better time is coming.  I believe that the old must fall away before a new, more loving, equitable and compassionate world can emerge. This is both my belief and my deep desire.

It is my faith in this belief and my commitment to helping to create this new world that keeps me putting one foot in front of the other on days when it feels too hard, when I am feeling buffeted by life and like I’m being squeezed through the eye of the needle.  I am deeply grateful for my unshakeable faith that there is a higher purpose, “a gift waiting once the ache and fear and grief have settled”.  Some days I marvel at how those without faith can go on.  It is both a miracle and a mystery to me.

I am being stripped down to the core so that I can remember the truth of myself as a magnificent spiritual being. Everything that is not that is being spun off, like excess water is spun out of the clothes in a washing machine.  The same is happening for you, whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

In this time of great change I wish you deep peace.  I encourage you to find a greater context within which to understand the awakening process that we are experiencing.  Perhaps it will provide you, as it has me, with a knowing that it is all good, even when the “evidence” would seem to indicate otherwise.

My wish is that you will be carried by that indestructible something at the center of each of us. I wish that you will be able to find the gift waiting on the other side of the ache and fear and grief.  I wish you deep peace.