Dear Beloved One,

I come today to speak to the parts of you that feel imperfect or inadequate. Or perhaps I should say the parts of us, since we are all one.

I come today to speak to the younger aspects of your human self, still very much alive within the all of you.

Perhaps this is the small child who was required to take on the responsibility of making a parent feel better, feel happy or meet their needs in some other way.

Perhaps this is the small child has a different way of learning or expressing and so was made to feel slow or stupid in school, by peers or at home.

Perhaps this is the small child whose parent made the decision to leave, and the child therefore creates a story of being unlovable, unworthy or not good enough.

Perhaps these feels and beliefs continue to be felt.

Perhaps this is the small child burdened with the responsibility of caring for younger siblings or other family responsibilities, feeling frightened and overwhelmed, without adequate knowledge or support.

Dear One, many experiences of your early life may have resulted in you taking on the belief that you are flawed, imperfect or inadequate.

I am here to assure you that this story holds no truth and that it is time to release it. As a spark of Divine Creation, you are inherently perfect.  You could not be anything else.

There is nothing to strive for and nothing to prove.

There is only you, being a perfect expression of the God essence that breathed the breath of life into you.

I invite you to find moments of grace in this day, where you can choose to love that child within.

Hold that child gently, with compassion and understanding. Commit to see that small child as perfect, whole and complete.

Commit to see yourself as perfect, whole and complete. For this is the truth of who you are.

All love,

Your Sacred Heart