In Person Therapy

**please note that as of January, 2021 I am no longer accepting new Therapy clients. For now I am leaving this page up because it contains helpful information about my philosophy and what I will bring into my work with coaching clients. I am happy to speak to you about how we might work together in a coaching relationship, where I will bring my 27 years of psychotherapy experience into our sessions! I look forward to connecting with you and serving your coaching needs.

How can we work together?

The type of therapy that I offer my clients goes well beyond the limits of more traditional talk therapy. It combines elements of talk therapy, active coaching, energy healing, spirituality, energy psychology, sound healing, essential oils, mindfulness, meditation and guided imagery.

It is a perfect option for those who have not found deep, permanent relief through traditional psychotherapy, medication or self-help.

Becoming a psychotherapist after many years of working as a social worker in the areas of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse and experiences of early or repeated loss, I quickly discovered that traditional talk therapy was not sufficient to facilitate deep and effective healing for my clients.

Repetition Deepens Neural Pathways

I often worried that I was re-traumatizing my clients by having them repeat the story of their abuse, loss or trauma over and over again. While it may provide some temporary relief by allowing the client to express unspoken pain or anger, repeated telling of the story does not bring real healing to the deep pain they had experienced. In fact, repetition further deepens the neural pathways in the brain related to the traumatic experience.

In addition, much unhealed trauma is hidden in the far reaches of the subconscious mind. It is held outside of the person’s conscious awareness, as a protective mechanism of the brain. This is particularly true for trauma that occurred during childhood, as a child’s brain and emotional system could not handle the full impact of the trauma.

Alternative Modalities Create Deep Healing

​We cannot access those memories through talk therapy, since they are stored in a different part of the brain from where we use and process language. In order to bring about true and lasting healing, we must use alternative forms of therapy and intervention.

After years of training in alternative modalities and working with thousands of clients, I bring a wide range of tools into my work to uncover the patterns held in the subconscious memory and energy field in order to bring about healing at the core cellular level.