I'm delighted to be able to offer potential clients a variety of services to choose from to work with me.  I combine all of my skills, passions, years of experience and even my personal story of midlife reinvention, to create a unique and meaningful experience for every client, so that each feels truly seen, heard and supported on their own journey of discovery, healing and re-imagining their own life.

As a Certified Coach, Trauma Specialist, Spiritually Focused Licensed Psychotherapist, Ritual Facilitator,  Workshop Leader and Speaker, I offer potential clients and students a wide range of options in which to work with me. Regardless of the avenue a client chooses, I am committed to providing a safe and sacred container to do the deepest work possible for the most profound healing possible.

My clients learn tools and techniques that serve them their whole lives and impact every area of their lives. They release self-doubt, self-criticism, self-sabotage and shame and embrace self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-love. They come to understand and embrace the principles for living an abundant, inspired and joyful life. They experience a sense of emotional freedom, peace of mind and energetic vibrancy that they didn't know was possible.

This can be your experience, too!

1-1 Online Coaching

  Heal Your Heart & Birth Your Brilliance    Transmuting Pain Into Peace, Purpose & Power: 9 Month, 18 Session Program


All sessions are recorded and will be made available to you following the session:

*Access to your customized tapping scripts, guided meditations, neurokinesis sessions and other energy processes used during your sessions;

*Access to your customized tapping scripts, guided meditations, neurokinesis sessions and other energy processes used during your sessions;

*3 additional 15 minute check-in calls for added support at during the program.

*Written materials: assessments, exercises & related documents;

*Email support between sessions;

*2 Digital Grounding Meditations

Rapid Trauma Relief

For those who have experienced significant life trauma that is impacting their ability to manage their current lives in a happy, healthy and productive way.  We will utilize proven mind/body techniques and brain science to quickly and effectively address symptoms of acute stress, PTSD and anxiety.

A powerful "No content" technique is available for those who are unable to disclose details of their trauma due to confidentiality constraints, such as veterans, first responders, or mental health providers experiencing secondary trauma.  It is also extremely effective for those for whom talking about the trauma they experienced is highly painful or triggering, such as rape, domestic violence or childhood abuse.

These sessions may be online or in person. Online sessions may be recorded upon client request for at-home use and practice by client.

In Person Therapy

The type of therapy that I offer my clients combines elements of talk therapy, energy healing, spirituality, coaching, energy psychology, sound healing, mindfulness, meditation and guided imagery. It is perfect for those who have not found deep, permanent relief after trying traditional forms of therapy, medication or self-help.

It has been my experience, becoming a psychotherapist after many years of working as a social worker in the areas of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse and experiences of early or repeated loss, that traditional talk therapy was not sufficient to facilitate deep and effective healing for my clients. Therefore, I use a variety of modalities to uncover the patterns held in the subconscious memory and energy field to bring about healing at the core cellular level.

Online Counselling