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4 Keys To Living Your Courageous Life
Do you ever feel as though life is calling you into a bigger version of your Self, perhaps a more[...]
5 Life Changing Results My Clients Experience
Because my clients show up with a wide variety of “presenting issues” it’s not always easy to articulate the results[...]
My Deep Personal Struggle
The Best Laid Plans Have you ever had a great plan that crumbled in the face of something greater?  That[...]
You Were Hijacked and Didn’t Even Know It!
When was the last time you were hijacked? Never, you say? Whoa...not so fast!  Think again. Have you ever had,[...]
Butterflies, Dragonflies and Transformation
Several years ago I started having close encounters with dragonflies.  They began to show up everywhere I turned.  Outside on[...]
Dear Beloved One, I come today to speak to the parts of you that feel imperfect or inadequate. Or perhaps[...]
Dear Beloved One, Allow me to remind you this day of the truth of who you are. For I know[...]
  Dear Beloved One, You are so much more than you know yourself to be.  Stop letting the circumstances and[...]
On Being Transformed and Rearranged
"But, as cries are absorbed into the silence, as the sun always rises just when the night seems like it[...]
Healing Trauma and trauma
A few days ago I downloaded a short audio-book called Money Loves You.  Author Blair Robertson writes that we all[...]
Happy Birthday Ed!
I just love how Spirit and spiritual lessons can come to us in the most extraordinarily ordinary ways!  I experienced[...]
Honoring and Healing Our Mother Wound
I had the absolute pleasure of being in the company of 24 wonderful, entrepreneurial women for 4 days recently to[...]
Don’t Try To Go It Alone
I know it's not easy to stay on track with a new program, way of thinking or new creative endeavor.[...]
Your Life Is Not A Luxury
“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” I and many others[...]
ALERT: Prison Break
Do you remember the TV Show "Prison Break" that was popular from 2005-2009? My daughter loved that show and I admit I watched it with her for a couple of seasons. OK, in all honesty, I liked it, too! But after a couple of seasons the plot got too bizarre and hard to believe, the episodes felt repetitive and, in it's bizarre complexity it almost got predictable.