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Crying An Ocean of Tears

One Sunday afternoon in late August, when I was gifting myself with much needed rest following my diagnosis with lyme disease, I decided to take myself to my town lake for a bit of swimming and sun. Lake or ocean, I prefer the beach later in the day, when the sun...

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The Unrecognized Effects of Early Loss

After more than 12 years of tapping with clients as well as in my own life, I continue to be amazed at the depth at which EFT can go to uncover and heal our unhealed emotional wounding.  Consistently, when I listen in to the energy behind the words a client is saying,...

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I Listened For Your Voice

There is so much information at our fingertips these days that we're often not sure where or who to listen to for the information that's going to best serve us. Sometimes, having a lot of information can be a wonderful thing. Like when you need to use your GPS to...

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4 Keys To Living Your Courageous Life

Do you ever feel as though life is calling you into a bigger version of your Self, perhaps a more courageous life? Have you felt an insistent stirring inside that you can’t ignore any longer? I believe this is your Soul urging you to play a bigger game, step up into...

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5 Life Changing Results My Clients Experience

Because my clients show up with a wide variety of “presenting issues” it’s not always easy to articulate the results they will experience in our work together. Often, what they seek me out for is the outward “external” symptom of something deeper, a core wound, that’s...

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My Deep Personal Struggle

The Best Laid Plans Have you ever had a great plan that crumbled in the face of something greater?  That happened to me recently and revealed a deep personal struggle which, after considerable contemplation, I've decided to share with you. In late August, as a sort of...

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You Were Hijacked and Didn’t Even Know It!

When was the last time you were hijacked? Never, you say? Whoa...not so fast!  Think again. Have you ever had, or felt like you were going to have, a panic attack? Have you ever suddenly heard words come out of your mouth that you would NEVER actually say? Have you...

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Butterflies, Dragonflies and Transformation

Several years ago I started having close encounters with dragonflies.  They began to show up everywhere I turned.  Outside on my deck, sitting by water, taking a walk, they flew around me and landed on me in numbers that I'd never encountered before.  At the same...

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